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My Will,

Today you turned six years old! You are such a handsome and intelligent guy, and show us
every day how wise you are beyond your years. You are excelling at Kindergarten, always
mastering your subjects and bringing home excellent behavior reports. We understand everyone
can't be nice all the time, so it makes sense that your behavior around mommy and daddy
isn't always the best - at least you are good where it matters the most. We are so proud
of how smart you are! From reading to math, it all seems to come naturally to you and for
that we are grateful. We know your mind will take you far in life and we can't wait to see
how far you soar. We especially enjoy your interest in learning new things all the time,
and I hope you never lose that quality.

I want to thank you for cooperating with our annual plaid shirt in the leaves photoshoot.
I know you didn't want to be there, but with bribes you can't even tell from these photos!

Looking forward to another wonderful year of watching you grow!