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My baby is five. I just can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday... well, not really! We have had so
much fun over these five years so far, especially watching his personality develop over the last year.
Will is such a happy, positive child. He is very smart, and works very hard at his school work, even when
he gets frustrated while practicing writing. He loves to dance ("Watch Me") and sing his favorite songs
when they come on the radio. He gets really into the singing with is facial expressions. He seems to be
very social and has many friends at school. He always gets good stamps for behavior, except the day he
decided to shake his booty during circle time. He had so much fun playing T-Ball and soccer this year,
and loved doing drills and scoring goals in soccer. He is a little on the clumsy side because of his
height, so we are hoping starting Taekwondo soon will help! He is in private kindergarten this year,
and is very interested in reading and is doing a wonderful job with helping read his sight words as
we make our way through his books.

We are so proud of the awesome boy you are, and love watching you grow and change each day!

Happy Birthday to the best son ever!!